Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Sleeping In A Riverbed

Everytime I tried to step outside myself I became blind.
I had never heard of the person people were talking about.
Was my mirror lying to me or was I blind even when my eyes were fine?
"What is it like to see through my own eyes?"

Somehow, I figured it out.

I am made up, but confusing myself for a real person,
A still water that is not running deep but makes silent waves,
A liar with honest intentions,
Someone who holds on to non-existent mistakes.
I am always tired,
A coward warrior,
A caved-in witch,
A vicious priestess,
A polite demon without manners.
The best friend, who cannot trust anyone,
An outcast hero.

I had it figured out.
But the Devil got me hooked up.
Now, I still know who I am.
But for how long will I know?
- Because I'm still hooked up.
And I am tired.

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