Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

Hanging A Poster

A: Why are we hanging this?

B: I have trouble obeying the commandments.

A: I didn't know you were religious.

B: This is not about religion. - They are meant to protect us.

A: The 10 Commandments protect Demons?

B: No, but the 6 Demonic Commandments do.

A: Tell me about it!

B: Just take a look!

  • Demons are proud of their strong nature.
  • Demons must not fear anything.
  • Remember your roots.
  • Eat souls.
  • Accept your powers.
  • Enjoy the view!

A: They're not even written like commandments.

B: Well, your way of writing down commandments sucks.

A: Who came up with 'em anyways?

B: Demons. They are based upon thousands of years of experience.

A: Why would there be a need to remind Demonic folks of being proud and strong of their powers?
Being supernatural is awesome.

B: May be supernatural to you - to us it is natural and it can be quite a burden. Since it's natural, we forget to be proud and strong. Consequently, we give in to fear and forget who we are. It gets even worse if we stop eating souls and become weak. Some begin to eat their own souls, which is awfully painful. In this state it's rather difficult to be thankful for our so-called powers.

A: And what's with enjoying the view?

B: Would be stupid not to.

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