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Tale of the Sica


1,080 years since the last Sica, who had been the most powerful of them all. 1,000 years after the apocalypse. Roughly 900 years since the clan of the Pugio has been re-established.

One thing is sure: My name will not be forgotten.
After all, I am not only a Sica, but I am the one who found the old writings. I proved to the council, that I found the sacred and secret wisdom of the Pugio. Furthermore, I found the last Sica's writings. What she wrote, however, is a secret I will keep even safer than the Old Pugio's wisdom itself. Our people are just rebuilding civilization. The old legends give them hope and identity. Our magic, history and knowledge need to stay sacred.
Had the Great Sica known what was to come, her advice might have been a little less down-to-earth and a whole lot more mysterious and open to interpretation. I'm talking about one specific note, that I am going to share with you.
I hope it'll remind you of your responsibilities and will help you not to take things too far.
Our traditions are important but like all traditions they are somewhat arbitrary. Therefore, one should refrain to uphold them at all costs.

Here it is:

"As the Pugio's priestess I have access to the secretly held 'wisdom'....which is not all. It's really just show. I'm not writing this, because I lack enlightenment. (Otherwise, I wouldn't be in the position I'm in.) It's pretty much just the legends and the secrecy that made it a big thing. Whoever thought of this was a pro at marketing. 
However, that being said, the 'wisdom' obviously describes the way the two advanced daggers work their magic. It's not going to help you in any way since you'll only realize in retrospective and with a little bit of fantasy that it's possible to relate the words to what's actually happening. Sucks balls. 
Keep your head up."

Well, now you know.

[Sica I. of the New World]

P.s: I am assuming that you're reading this shortly after your ordination, which will make you feel so very, very important. Anyways, I don't mean to ruin your mood, but do you know what else sucks balls? - Yo mama.

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