Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Among the Shades

Ich mag Englisch, aber es bringt immer dieses "Ist das so richtig?" mit sich.

Nice, how so many people tell me
 that this is the beginning of my life
when I'm as lost as can be
and it cuts like a knife
 that it feels like the end.
And yes, the feeling of doom
is a well-known friend,
which goes along with the gloom
that for the very first time
things didn't dare
to commit the crime
proceeding the affair
of turning bad to worse. 
Here is where I wanna be.
It sounds like a curse 
that I need to break free,
that I couldn't know 
what is to come
because it wouldn't show
and I shouldn't be glum
because it might turn out 
to be even better
and without a doubt
life is like the weather. 
Maybe after all the rain
the sun will shine,
it will come out again, 
and it's gonna be fine
because that's the way it rolls:
clouds, shunshine, clouds,
to get some diversion for the souls
clouds, sunshine, clouds, clouds,
finally the brightest sun you'll ever see,
Just one thing to this theory:
What if I never see the light?
I might just die
half way through the rainy days.
Could you look me in the eye
telling me it's just a phase
and explain to me
how I am supposed to know
whether I will really see
that the sun is gonna show?
How can you feel comfortable
telling me once again
not to be dull
and asking me when
I'm gonna look foward
to something that may never come?
For my part,
I'm gonna take my old chum,
the umbrella, with me
and then we will see.

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